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What is near by Chalúpkovo

Mara FUN

In the only camp at the beach Liptovska Mara everybody can find their own individual fun or relaxation experience…More

Svätý kríž

The village is located close to the Liptovská Mara dam and the town of Liptovský Mikuláš. There is a wooden articular church, one of the largest wooden… More

Bešeňová Thermal Park

Enjoy Family Fun in the Thermal Park Bešeňová in the beautiful Liptov. More


The village of Vlkolínec, which is a part of the town of Ružomberok lies 718 meters above sea level, in Western Carpathian Mountains. Sidorovo hill rises above… More

Jasná Skipar

Jasná Skipark in Low Tatras is largest Slovak ski resort and it has the best natural conditions for skiing and snowboarding. There are perfectly…More

Park Snow Donovaly

Perfect conditions for downhill skiing, slalom, ski touring or snowboarding and high quality services – all this is here for you. In the Park Snow Donovaly, you can… More

Demänovská ice cave

The entrance to the cave is situated in the Baška rock in the northern part of Low Tatras. It is only two kilometers far from the Demänovská cave of freedom… More

Štrbské Pleso

The village of Štrbské Pleso lies 1346 meters above sea level, on the south shore of Štrbské Pleso lake, and is an important tourism and winter-sports centre.. More

Popradské Pleso

Popradské Pleso (its older name is Rybie Pleso) is a tarn in the Mengusovská valley in High Tatras. The tarn, situated 1494.3 m above sea level, is 17 m deep and its surfac… More

Village Liptovský Ján

he quaint historical village of Liptovský Ján is situated before the entrance to the valley. The oldest historical… More

Lúčanský waterfall

The waterfall, which is situated right in the centre of the village of Lúčky, has been a national natural monument since 1974. Water falls from a travertine… More

Bowling Club Stodola

Bowling Club Stodola can be found on the way from Banská Bystrica right at the entrance to the town of Ružomberok. Two bowling lines (each for 12 persons)…. More

Pribylina - open air museum

The most visited exhibition of  the Museum of Liptov is the museum in nature. Apart from an exhibition of traditional lifestyle and work of various social classes… More


The Open Air Museum of Orava Village is situated in the gorgeous environs of Brestová. There are admirable log cabins from southern Orava, agrarian and craftman’s houses… More


The village of Čičmany is the highest situated village in the district of Žilina. The open air museum lies almost at the spring of the river… More

The castle of Orava

The castle, which was a fortified settlement for a long time, rises above the village of Oravský Podzámok. It was built at a strategic place of the Hungarian-Polish road near the customs… More

The Castle of Strečno

Strečniansky hrad stojí na strmej vápencovej skale a v minulosti bol najbezpečnejšou pevnosťou horného Považia. More


It is a unique masterpiece of Jozef Pekara, who is a native of Rajecké Teplice. The creche, which is 8.5 m long and 3 m wide, is one of the largest carved crèches… More

The castle of Súľov

The castle was built in the first third of the 15th century to protect a nearby road. It had not been mentioned before 1470 when the king Matej Korvín allowed to… More

The castle of Spiš

The castle lies on a limestone rock 634 m above sea level and 200 m above the surrounding terrain. It is a national cultural monument and one of the most valued… More