• 29 km from Chalúpkovo

The Open Air Museum of Orava Village is situated in the gorgeous environs of Brestová. There are admirable log cabins from southern Orava, agrarian and craftman’s houses with farm buildings and yards, threshing barns and stables from middle Orava and Zamagurie, a historical wooden mill or a sawmill. A local curiosity is a little church from Zábrež, which originated in 16th century. There are also precious historical documents giving evidence about historical linen-making techniques, cloth and blueprint-making processes, the almost forgotten pottery manufacturing or wood processing. The adroitness of our ancestors is imprinted in the tiny houses with narrow windows and shingle roofs, which reflect the atmosphere of old times in Slovakia.

Service for visitors:

  • lectors and guides
  • entries with a guide according to a time table, individual entries with a textual guide in various languages, special group entries to order
  • fast food
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Návrat hore