Kontakt ZOO


Our farm (ZOO) is part of the Chalúpkovo area. Everything is ready for the most beautiful experience enhanced by his creation from the heart. Everything is taken care of directly by the owners and caretakers.

The uniqueness lies mainly in the fact that we do not limit access and we believe that everyone, young and old, will find something for themselves.

Do you know how shaggy fur animals have? If not, you can easily find out with us. All you have to do is come directly to us in Chalúpkovo and taste the beauty not only of Liptov, but also of the animals that are fully at your disposal.

Our animals please children’s hearts the most, so we try to devote our best efforts to them and to the experiences they can take away from us and keep. However, we believe that even adult visitors will not be bored here.

 Are you still hesitating? Ask your little ones if they would be interested in petting the bunnies or feeding the animals. Of course you know the answer. After all, who wouldn’t want to look into the eyes of their little ones and see pure joy and happiness in them?! Give it to them and you can relax.

Our contact zoo is growing every moment and we are constantly working on improving it. We know what is important in today’s world. This is what drives us to give joy to others, as this effort brings joy to ourselves.
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