• 60 km from Chalúpkovo

The village of Čičmany is the highest situated village in the district of Žilina. The open air museum lies almost at the spring of the river Rajčianka, in a valley of Strážovské hills. The typical feature of this village is its old-time architecture with many decorated log cabins. A part of the village was declared a memorial reserve of folk architecture in 1977 to save it for future generations. Even today, the inhabitants adhere folk traditions. The ornament-making techniques enable them to create pictures, tablecloths and marvellous costumes.

The ethnographic exhibition includes a baroque-classicistic manor house and the baroque church Nájdenia sv. Kríža (Church of Finding of the Holy Cross). The log cabins decorated with ornaments is situated in the lower part of the village. The general exhibition can be found in Raden’s house. The quaint village is home for about 250 people today, although the original population was around 1500. The inhabitants can be proud of the attractive local nature, which is an ideal place for rest.

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