• 54,5 km od Chalúpkova

Popradské Pleso (its older name is Rybie Pleso) is a tarn in the Mengusovská valley in High Tatras. The tarn, situated 1494.3 m above sea level, is 17 m deep and its surface area is 6.88 hectares (one of the largest tarns in Slovakia). It is of glacial origin. There is a mountain hut named after the lake (older name of the hut is Chata kpt. Morávku). A symbolical cemetery devoted to victims of Hight Tatras can be found in a pine grove nearby. The tarn is easily accessible for hikers all year long. It is also possible to get here by car but a special permission is necessary (e.g. for people accommodated in the hut). Hikers can get here from the train station Popradské Pleso (the trail goes near the road for cars and is marked with blue touristic signs); it takes roughly one hour.

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