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The village of Vlkolínec, which is a part of the town of Ružomberok lies 718 meters above sea level, in Western Carpathian Mountains. Sidorovo hill rises above the village. 55 houses can be found in the village but only 18 of them are inhabited by 29 people at present. The village of Vlolínec was added to the List of the World’s Heritage of UNESCO in 1993 as a unique architectural complex. The traditional architecture of mountain and foothill region on the north of middle Slovakia is present on a large part of 797 hectares of the village. Most of the 73 protected buildings are traditional log houses and farmhouses.

Some of protected buildings in the Village of Vlkolínec:

  • two floor bell tower from 1770
  • well with a winch from 1860
  • brick baroque-classical church of the Virgin’s visit from 1875
  • museum of traditional housing in the village of Vlkolínec – „Peasants house“ of the Museum of Liptov
  • Mows of Vlnolínec – farm buildings lying out of the village

Memorial plaques in Vlkolínec:

  • Memorial plaque on house no. 9007 –  in remembrance of citizens of the village of Vlkolínec fallen in 1944 – „For our life in freedom fell: Bradiak Ondrej (70), Bradiak Štefan (31), Kaman Vojtech (35), Kendera Ján (68), Kendera Vojtech (38), Kupčo Ondrej (45), Kupčová Mária (70). Honour their memory. “
  • Memorial plaque on a former schoolhouse – in remembrance of the teacher Jozef Májek, who fell in the Spanish civil war in 1936
  • Memorial plaque on the Roman-Catholic church of the Virgin’s visit  – in remembrance of the priest Pavol Horský (1924 – 1995), a native of Vlkolínec who was persecuted for his faith and sentenced by communists to many years in a prison (1950 – 1960)
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